March 2021

National Transport Insurance raises the bar with new partnership and innovative insurance offering. Contact your Haddtrack team today to discuss how you can benefit from this new partnership.

As the country’s number one transport and logistics insurer, National Transport Insurance (NTI) has just announced an exclusive partnership and innovative insurance offering with Seeing Machines – the recognised industry leader that provides our Driver Monitoring System (DMS) technology for the Automotive, Commercial Fleet, Aviation, Rail and Off-Road markets.

The two market leaders have come together to form an exclusive partnership that promotes the benefits of Seeing Machines’ Guardian, the Fleet solution provided by Haddtrack, that detects fatigue and distraction related driver events in real time, to NTI policyholders.  

The partnership will provide customers with a range of differentiated commercial offerings and will extend to a collaborative approach around the interrogation of data, collected by Seeing Machines with a view to empower and equip industry and operators with key statistics and insights relating to risk management and insurance.

This partnership allows our clients that are both NTI and Seeing Machine customer to access exclusive benefits, including:

  • No driver restrictions – All driver experience requirements are removed for vehicles with Guardian installed (applies to NTI Fleet policy holders only)
  • Excess reduction – NTI will reduce the excess for onroad accidents on the vehicle if fitted with Guardian by $2,500 (or to $0 if the applicable excess is $2,500 or less)
  • Market Value Plus – in the event of a total loss of a unit installed with Guardian, settlement can be Market Value plus 20% (to a maximum of the sum insured)
  • Reinstatement of the Guardian hardware caused by damage in the event of a loss
  • Premium adjustments to proactively reflect potential reductions in fatigue claims via investment in this leading technology
  • Service fee waived for the first month of Guardian 24/7 for every new unit installed
  • Fee waived for individual data feed from Seeing Machines to NTI

To find out more about the NTI and Seeing Machines from Haddtrack offering, get in touch with our team today, or download the brochure below.


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