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Haddtrack provides you with the data to stay on schedule, reduce costs, and put your team and vehicles to work every day.

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Prioritise Customer Satisfaction

Empowered by fleet management software, our solutions allow businesses to uphold customer satisfaction throughout the entire order-to-delivery process by keeping them informed throughout the entire delivery process.  

Furthermore, businesses gain a panoramic view of their overall performance, enabling the identification of enhancement opportunities. DIRECTOR propels enterprises to surpass each customer commitment, consistently exceeding expectations.

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Enhanced Fuel Efficiency

Teletrac Navman’s fleet tracking software offer insights into the utilisation of each vehicle in your fleet. Detailed activity reports reveal crucial metrics such as fuel consumption, idle periods, driver conduct, and routing patterns.

Equipped with this robust vehicle data, you gain the authority to implement alterations that lead to heightened fuel efficiency, reduced carbon emissions and optimised route efficiency. With Teletrac Navman’s innovative solutions, businesses can optimise vehicle movement by utilising the most efficient routes and educating your service team to drive with a focus on minimising fuel usage.

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Monitoring Driver Behaviour & Safety

Telematics offer a shield for both your company and drivers against baseless claims, leading to lowered insurance costs and an added layer of passenger security.

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Forge a fleet driver safety initiative tailored to evaluate risk and impart safe driving values to your drivers. Capture and compare driver data, encompassing unfavourable driving actions, allocate scores to drivers based on their performance, and gain instant access to incidents as they occur.

As well as this, Haddtrack uses Seeing Machines and Mobileye to track driver behaviour, minimising the risks associated with driver behaviour such as fatigue, loss of concentration and erratic driving.

Industry Solutions

Trucking & Logistics

The logistics and execution involved in goods transport requires meticulous planning and monitoring to ensure compliance and safety is maintained. Haddtrack uses Teletrac Navman, Mobileye and Seeing Eye Machine to take the worry out of trucking and logistics, helping you manage challenges, ensure safety for your drivers and maintain compliance.

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Enhance vehicle and asset management, proactive maintenance and tracking with Teletrac Navman’s innovative telematics solutions. Increasing utilisation rate by up to 15% and decreasing idle time by as much as 20% Teletrac Navman helps you eliminate unproductive vehicle usage and minimise unnecessary costs.

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Stock Transport

With Teletrac Navman, you can promote and monitor safe driving in a single platform, empowering employees with confidence on the roads and reducing driver turnover. Get real-time insights and alerts into driver behaviour with the inbuilt event viewer, providing instant replays of incidents that occur, allowing management to visualise driver behaviour on a maps interface.

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Empowered by fleet management software, Teletrac Navman allows businesses to uphold customer satisfaction throughout the entire order-to-delivery process by keeping them informed throughout the entire delivery process.

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