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Vehicle tracking software and it's application in modern fleet management

Historically, tracking vehicles was all about a dot on a map. Over the past decade, businesses have become far more complex and diverse, resulting in a requirement to know far more than just where an asset is located. Along with increasingly stringent obligations and the changing face of Australian laws, the growing availability of tracking and locational information requires expert handling.

A GPS vehicle tracking solution has become a key component for delivering fleet management benefits of increased productivity, improved driver behaviour and simplified compliance management. By providing businesses with insight into vehicle location, reporting on activity and details into driver conduct, vehicle tracking software could be the technology to take your fleet operations to the next level.


Regardless of the industry, a vehicle tracking solution provides fleet managers with an overview on the location and performance of vehicles and helps them optimise planning and improve customer service. Over the past decade, an increasing number of fleets have been using software for tracking vehicles to improve fleet productivity and, to put it simply, do more in less time.

  • More visibility over your fleet
  • Route optimisation made easy
  • Keep customers informed and happy


Tracking vehicles with a dedicated system provides the power to identify poor driving to improve driver safety and behaviour and make informed decisions. With reports that display information on speeding, harsh braking, acceleration and cornering, a business is able understand the way fleet vehicles are being driven. By using insight to improve activities on the road, businesses frequently experience a reduction of fuel costs and accidents.

  • Promote safer driving and reduce accidents
  • Utilise data to deliver effective driver training
  • Reduce the likelihood of accidents and make fuel savings


Fleet compliance can be complex. The amount of regulation and legislations a company has to adhere to varies from one industry to the next, but for fleet managers, complying with the law is paramount. GPS vehicle tracking software can help, it can make compliance easy, accurate and automated by bringing all compliance management into a single application.

  • Streamline compliance needs
  • Align processes with policy
  • Simplify complex compliance regulations


The needs of your business are constantly changing and finding a provider for tracking vehicles that can meet your requirements now, which also has the scalability to evolve with your business is key to future proof your investment. Teletrac Navman offers great flexibility through its product enhancements and integrations with leading industry applications.

  • Scalable vehicle tracking software
  • Wide range of product enhancements and integrations
  • Future proof your investment

Real-time GPS tracking: intelligent support for daily fleet management

Vehicle tracking software and it's application in modern fleet management

GPS tracking software gives you a comprehensive overview of your vehicle and asset fleet operations, in real time.

This is information you can use in making data-driven business decisions, resulting in greater profitability day in and day out. Factual data and real-time reporting on vehicle location, speed, fuel consumption, job progress and more can help you stay on top of customer expectations and build repeat business, while staying compliant with regulatory demands and helping ensure safety. Rely on GPS tracking to help you make the right call, every time.


When managing a fleet, information is essential – constant monitoring and analysis is the key to achieving results. Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR delivers real-time reporting on the costs, labour and fleet trends in day-to-day operations, allowing for simplified and accurate decision making.

  • Complete more jobs everyday with smart routing and job dispatch
  • Cut fuel spend by reducing unnecessary kilometres travelled and improving driver behaviour
  • Maximise fleet capacity with productivity reporting


Every part of any given business transaction has influence on your customer's perception of your operation, from order entry to delivery, communication and timing. DIRECTOR gives you visibility at every step of the process to help avert delays or omissions to ensure a favourable impression – and repeat business.

  • Instantly respond to customer requests with an exact location of drivers and vehicles
  • Help ensure productivity with insights into a driver's progress on their journey
  • Communicate with drivers in real-time with two-way messaging
  • Get more trips per vehicle and faster service by optimising routing with daily vehicle usage reports


Industry regulations are complex and often undergo constant revision. When it comes to ensuring you and your staff's obligations to compliance laws are met, it can often be difficult to keep up with a growing business at the same time. Helps your operation remain compliant to avoid potential challenges, penalties and even liability.

  • Instantly monitor driver work and rest hours according to fatigue laws
  • Audits become a breeze with  with real-time reporting that you can schedule straight to your email
  • Manage all your compliance requirements: mass, vehicle, speed and fatigue


Proactively managing safety can help reduce risks and prevent incidents to preserve an organisation’s reputation – a far more valuable asset than most think. DIRECTOR can help reduce risk of incidents, fines and penalties, and physical, legal or financial damage. A program that supports safe driving pays dividends in many ways.

  • Reduce incidents and traffic violations by recognising unsafe driver behaviour
  • Identify a personalised training program for each driver by utilising driver scorecards
  • Real-time alerts for drivers to assist them in driving safely



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